student loan forgiveness 2022

Until October 31  2022 you can apply for a limited waiver for student loan forgiveness,

This limited waiver is a “catch all” waiver which allows you to “count” any previous student loan payments that weren’t eligible under the current rules,

Effectively  the Education Department will count ineligible student loan payments for  limited period of time that can get your student loan forgiveness faster, Under the new rules, you can,

FFEL and Perkins Loans

Get “credit” for for student loan forgiveness whether you made repayment on a Direct  FFEL or Perkins Loan,

Student loan repayment plans

count student loan payment made under any student loan repayment plan,

Student loan consolidation

count student loan payments made prior to student loan consolidation even if you were on the wrong repayment plan,

Late payments

count student loan payments that were late or, were partial student loan payments,

Student loan consolidation and late payments

count student loan payments that were made before consolidating your student loans  even if your student loan payments were late or were for less than the amount due,


get student loan forgiveness even if not you’re employed or, not employed by a qualifying employer at the time of application and forgiveness,