oportun credit card

The Oportun credit card has been successfully piloted with more than 54000 customer in the last 18 month

Unlike other credit card products that are available to financially responsible people with limited or no traditional credit history the Oportun card is unsecured and offers starting credit lines of up to $1000

  oportun  credit score requirement

Oportun is known for its very flexible credit score requiremen, The credit score range that borrowers must fall into in order to be eligible for an Oportun loan is generally 300-700 but it will also approve people who have no credit  To be eligible for an Oportun loan you must Be 18 or over.

Oportun interest rate

Oportuncredit card  interest rate is   36% maximum

You don’t need a credit or credit card history, Social Security number, U.S. ID or bank account to qualify

There is no security deposit, but there could be an annual fee but you may have to pay an annual fee of up to $29, depending on your creditworthiness.

It offers a credit limit of up to $1,000

The Oportun Visa Credit Card offers a decent credit limit for beginners to credit up to 1000 dollar  As with any credit card  the credit limit you get depends on your creditworthiness You may also be able to get a higher credit limit over time

The high APR can be costly

You’ll want to avoid carrying a balance on the Oportun  Credit Card, as the interest rate is quite high, from 24.90% to 29.90% as of August 2021.

  oportun credit card  is a legitimate lender that specializes in installment loans for those with bad credit The company is transparent in its terms and conditions  but those who can find loans with lower APRs would pay less over time by doing so