Marlin Briscoe, dies at the age of 76

The Denver Broncos announced on their social media accounts that their famous former head coach, Marlin Briscoe has passed passing away on Monday at the age 76

The Broncos acquired in the offseason star player Russell Wilson, has paid tribute to Briscoe via social media

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Marlin Briscoe began both his football high school as well as college careers playing in his home town

The Denver Broncos, who played in the AFL at the time, selected Briscoe at the fourteenth round of 1968 draft

He concluded his collegiate career with a record of 27-11 and three conference championships, He also set school records at 22

The team did not see the 5'10 Briscoe as a good player for the position of quarterback and wanted to transfer his position to cornerback

But, he stood his ground and was able to persuade the Broncos to let him play for the quarterback slot

The head Coach Lou Saban was unimpressed by the performance of the backup and decided to put Briscoe on the field as quarterback