anthony anderson net worth 2022

Anthony Anderson is an American actor and writer who has a net worth of $25 million dollars

Anthony Anderson earns almost $9 million a year thanks to his role on the popular comedy series Black-ish

through a combination of salaries for acting and producing as well as his slice of the show's back-end.

Starting in the fifth season, when you combine his acting salary, producer salary and back-end profit income, Anthony Anderson's salary per episode of Black-ish is $400,000

Over 22 episodes, that works out to $8.8 million per year before taxes  That's a significant raise from the $100,000 he earned per year in season one before syndication was locked-in

Real Estate

Anthony Anderson's primary residence is located in Los Angeles, California  He reportedly purchased the three-bedroom, 3,451-square-foot home in 2005 for some $1.1 million


In 2016  Anderson wrote a piece for The Hollywood Reporter about one of his big splurges a  Mercedes Maybach that he paid almost $200,000 for

In the piece, he says he didn't even hesitate paying so much for a car: "The retail price of my Maybach (about $198,000) did not give me pause

It was a reward to myself. I've come a long way  Looking back, I think my younger self would look at my older self and be proud and commend me on the hard work"